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viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2014


On August the 10th 1993 Varg Vikernes killed Euronymous. It became the end of an era, the end of the Second Wave of Black Metal, a movement which influence toured world wide and changed forever the extreme metal scene.

On 1993, I personally lived a painfull change in my life, which also was the end of an era. The abrupt end of the childhood and the begining of a more conscious life from a new point of view.

I was then 10 years, and in the next four years I found shelter and identification on films and music. Firstly with grunge, then with heavy metal, and finally with extreme metal, Mainly Death metal. But on 1997 I began to get into Black Metal. This music was something diferent, it was wicked, possessed...and it could condense the rage, the sadness, the pain, the hate I felt...I found a placer where the darkness I carried inside transformed into strength.

During the years first years, I adquire confusing knowledge about the Black metal scene and movement,it was so obscure, in part because of the lack of reliable info, Later I began to attend concerts (the first one, Immortal with Hipocrysy), get in touch with the Spanish underground and even formed a band an recorded/publish some stuff. But in the end, this music came back to the place where I have always enjoyed, in my deep privacy and solitude, even with no friend sharing my taste for this music.

In parallel, my collection suffered a constant change, in the very first moment, when I didn´t have a computer (and of course, no internet) it wasn´t easy to buy this stuff  here in Spain, so I bought to particulars dubbed tapes. Then I began to buy CDs but it was difficult to adquire something outside the "mainstream" bands. Later I tried to change the most of this CDs into vinyls. And this way my collection suffered a continuous change both in size and format.

Finally here is my actual collection. It, of course, continue changing  but I consider by myself that the most of my albums are "essentials", but I continue searching some classic stuff that I desire, and adding the new items that I find interesting (only a few that still carry the venom and the magic).

This is mainly a homage to those Black Metal albums that mean something serious and profound to me.


P.D.:Another bands outside Black Metal (e.g. Paradise Lost, a band I have followed since my early metal years and which today I continue following, the same with mighty Manowar) and another genres (like the soundtracks) are part of this collection.

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